Teacher-librarian--Peer Coaching Program


The Teacher-librarian Peer Coaching Program is designed to help schools implement a professional development model that can enhance standards-based instruction by assisting teachers to offer students engaging, technology rich, learning activities. This will also involve the incorporation of the Big 6 research process and teaching inquiry with primary sources.

The program trains Teacher-librarian leaders to serve as peer coaches for colleagues. As coaches, these educators assist their peers in identifying ways that technology can strengthen classroom curriculum and enhance their students’ academic achievement. They also help their colleagues to develop the necessary technology skills and instructional strategies needed to integrate technology into teaching and learning.

What is Peer Coaching?

Peer coaches are educators who are recognized by their staff as strong instructional leaders. Many of them have had some success in integrating technology into their classroom curriculum. All coaches need to be willing to help other teachers in reaching this same goal. Coaches assist collaborating teachers to blend strong instructional practices and technology into classroom activities by discussing and sharing teaching practices, and supporting efforts to enrich student learning through the use of technology and engaged learning.

What roles do coaches assume?

Coaches assist teachers to develop the skills and strategies needed for classroom use of technology by

  • Planning technology rich activities or projects with individual teachers
  • Assessing and improving lesson design
  • Identifying resources or strategies necessary for successful learning activities
  • Modeling lessons that integrate technology and engaging learning strategies
  • Team teaching a lesson
  • Providing encouragement and support

Program Activities

Participants' first activities in this program are to link their coaching program to their schools’ educational improvement plans, to define who they work with and how that work will help reach their schools’ goals. They work to define their roles and responsibilities as a coach for themselves, and learn how to communicate this with their school staff.

For more information...

The Educational Service Districts in Washington State are the conduit for professional development of the coaches. If you are interested in these programs, please contact your regional ESD.